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Devastation was rated in the top 16 "Great End of the World books" from readers at KTT (Kindle Tips and Tricks) Ranking number 13! Okay, some tough competition; The Stand by Stephen King ranked number 2, The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells number 4, The Road by Cormac McCartthy ranking number 8, and I Am Legend by Richard Matheson ranking number 11. I'm honored to be in the company of these authors! Check out the link here: Great End of the World Books from KTT readers

Description for Devastation:   

Imagine that you wake one morning and everything you have come to know is gone. Your home and car, place of business, even loved ones, are all gone. How would you survive?
   On leave from the U.S. Marine Corps, Jason Black considered himself fortunate the morning an unnatural wind devastated Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite concerns for a distant fiancé, Jason holes up with other survivors in the ruins of a warehouse. Among the survivors, Kelly “Rocky” Cordova is an attractive, thirty something single mother determined to return to her Utah family.
   With diminishing resources, the survivors send Jason and Rocky in search of civilization and the cause of the mysterious storm. Their dangerous trek leads across a demolished countryside, and into perilous encounters with other survivors. Scrounging daily for food, water, and shelter, they attempt to survive in a world where necessities are luxuries and conflicts might lead to understanding, romance, or death.
   A suspenseful tale of love, survival, and the power of the human spirit to overcome “Devastation.”